Master’s Program

The Professional Master’s Program in Automotive Engineering of Escola Politécnica of USP was the first stricto sensu graduate program in Automotive Engineering in Brazil. It is approved and recommended by Capes/MEC (Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel of the Ministry of Education and Culture).


The Professional Master’s Program in Automotive Engineering of Poli-USP, the first in Brazil in this area, was established in 2000, under the coordination of Prof. Dr. Ronaldo de Breyne Salvagni,Full Professor of the Mechanical Engineering Department of Escola Politécnica.

The program regulation was approved by the Provost Office for Graduate Studies of the University of São Paulo, on March 16, 2000. The aim is to enable the automotive sector professional to lead evolution and technological transformation processes, and to provide immediate returns to the company, as in the in the end-of-program project the master’s candidate presents a solution to a problem of the organization of origin. The program grants a degree and prerogatives identical to those of the Academic MSc, including teaching purposes. (Read the regulation)

From 2000 to 2010, the Professional Master’s Program in Automotive Engineering, which lasted between 18 to 24 months, was offered to different student groups. Overall, 194 professionals were granted the Master’s Degree by the Escola Politécnica of USP.

In September 2015, CEA launched a new edition of the Master’s Program, which had 14 candidates approved in the selection process for the 2016 class. The course began to focus on research and development and new technologies in products, processes and organizational management.