▪ SAE Formula Brasil

Product development competition among engineering schools held since 2004 by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE Brasil). Students have to conceive, to design, to manufacture and to compete with small formula-style racing cars. The best ranked teams represent Brazil in two international competitions held in the USA.

The Poli Racing Team, formed by students of Escola Politécnica of USP, was created in 2008, under a students’ initiative, supported by the AEC, to represent Poli in the SAE Formula competition. Since the beginning, the group has been followed up by professor-supervisor Marcelo Alves, from the AEC.

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▪ Baja SAE

The SAE Baja Competition Brasil annually challenges engineering school teams to develop the design of an off-road mini-vehicle, from its conception, detailed design to its construction.

The Baja Poli Team has participated in the competition since 2001 and has a successful trajectory, having won several awards and trophies in Brazil and also at international rounds. Professor Marcelo Alves, from AEC, supervises the students’ team.

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▪ SAE Brasil Aerodesign

Competition among engineering students involved in a real case of aeronautic design development, going through conception, detailed design, building and tests. Every year, they are faced with a new challenge, based on the aeronautic industry reality, such as multidisciplinary optimization for meeting conflicting requirements, weight reduction by structural optimization, instrumentation, prototype flying tests, among others.

Escola Politécnica of USP is represented by the by the Keep Flying Team and has competed since 2003.

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▪ Mileage

The Energy Efficiency University Marathon stimulates engineering students to build a highly economic car. The team that runs the longest distance with the least energy consumption wins. The competition is divided into the Gasoline, Ethanol and Electric categories. The vehicles also undergo design, safety and sustainability assessments.

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