Automotive Engineering Segment

The AEC stimulates students in the Mechanical Engineering Program of Escola Politécnica of USP to learn about and to opt for, in case they are interested, the Automotive Engineering Segment. It is a set of four disciplines, taught in the 5th year of the program, introducing students to automotive vehicle design.

20 places are yearly offered per discipline in the Automotive Engineering Segment. Students are selected based on their academic record – priority is given to those opting for the Segment.

The AEC also promotes the elaboration of graduation projects involving themes related to Automotive Engineering.


▪ PME 2540 Automotive Engineering I: Vehicle longitudinal dynamics and its respective onboard systems.
▪ PME 2541 Automotive Engineering II: Vehicle automotive dynamics and suspension systems.
▪ PME 2542 Vehicle Transmission Systems: Coupling, reduction boxes, shafts, cardan joints and differentials.
▪ PME 2543 Vehicle Mechanical Structure: Mechanical structure modeling principles, finite element method and introduction to the plate theory.


▪ Ronaldo de Breyne Salvagni
▪ Paulo Carlos Kaminski
▪ Marcelo Massarani
▪ Marcelo Augusto Leal Alves
▪ Leandro Vieira da Silva Macedo

▪ Talks
▪ Visits to Automotive Sector Organizations