■ Dalício Guiguer Filho

Chief Engineer and General Director of Global Product Programs at General Motors in South America. Dalicio holds an Eletrical Engineer degree (1995) from FEI, Business Administration expert degree (1999) from FCAV/USP, and MSc degree in Automotive Engineering (2005) from the Escola Politécnica of USP, and has been working for General Motors since 1998. He has developed his career in Product Development and Engineering related areas, having different technical and leadership responsibilities. Expatriated to GM Europe (2004-2007) and GM Japan (2015-2016), worked on planning, development and implementation of global projects, leading multicultural and multifunctional teams. In parallel with his activities in the industry, Dalicio is a collaborator and professor of the Automotive Engineering Center (AEC) and of the Continuing Education Program (PECE), both with Escola Politécnica of USP. LinkedIn:

■ Fabiano Armellini

Assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering at Polytechnique Montréal (Canada). He holds B.Eng. (2003), M.Sc. (2006) and D.Sc. (2013) degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo (Brazil), with exchange studies at Michigan State University (USA). Dr. Armellini is founder of two successful Brazilian consulting companies focused on innovation and product development management. He has more than 15 years of experience in performing and managing innovative product development in Aerospace, Automotive, Telecommunications, Control and Industrial Automation sectors. He has also experience on the design and implementation of innovation processes in companies from many different sectors as a consultant. Dr. Armellini’s research interests lie on innovation management, with special interest on open innovation, technological entrepreneurship and new product development.

■ Guilherme Canuto da Silva

Mechanical Engineering (2003) and PhD in Mechanical Engineering (2013) degrees from the Escola Politécnica of USP. In 2012, developed part of his PhD research at the Technische Universität Darmstadt in Germany. Has a 17-year professional experience in automotive manufacturing systems planning and design. A collaborator with the Automotive Engineering Center (AEC) and invited professor at the Continuing Education Program (PECE) of Escola Politécnica of USP. Currently develops post-doctoral research at the AEC, having Digital Factory (DF) as the main theme, as a support system to the automotive product development process.

■ Ugo Ibusuki

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering at University Center of FEI (2000), master degree in Mechanical Engineering at University of São Paulo (2003), MBA at FGV-EAESP (2007) and Ph.D. in International Studies at Waseda University of Tokyo (2011). He is currently Professor of Engineering Management at Federal University of ABC, guest researcher at the Research Institute of Autoparts Industry (Waseda University), contributor of the Automotive Engineering Center (AEC) of Escola Politécnica of USP. He has professional experience in supply chain acting for 18 years at Mercedes-Benz of Brazil. His postdoctoral research at AEC is focused on innovation systems in the automotive and aeronautic industry.

■ William Manjud Maluf Filho 

Mechanical Engineering degree (2000) from the FEI, Msc (2002) and PhD (2008) in Mechanical Engineering degrees from the Escola Politécnica of USP. Worked for seven years in research and development with Pirelli Pneus. Acted for ten years as a member of the corporate technical expert team, also as a Quality Supervisor with Ford Motor Company. Experienced in the Mechanical and Automotive Engineering areas, with emphasis on machine design, structural analysis by finite elements, quality management and productive processes.  A professor of the FEI Mechanical Engineering Department since 2003. Has acted as an advising professor at the Automotive Engineering Specialization program of Escola Politécnica of USP since 2011. A professor of the Fatec since 2014.