Research & Development

The AEC develops Research & Development activities in two modalities. One focuses on the productive sector, gathering technologies for design and for solving specific problems.

The other R&D modality at the AEC is of academic nature, focusing on theoretical approaches and on new technologies. It is strongly related to the MSc, PhD and post-doctoral theses and dissertations, along with technical papers published and presented in Congresses.

In the Mechanical Engineering Department ambit, other works of interest in the automotive sector can be found in the Technical Reports, theses, among others.

The AEC acts in synergy and jointly with the CAETEC – Center for Design Automation and Technology , also of the Mechanical Engineering Department of Poli-USP, which develops and applies new and better design methods and processes in a global and integrated process. The strategy aims to integrate new concepts regarding quality, competitiveness, client satisfaction and environmental conservation in the Engineering context.